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Hey there, I'm Aparna!

I'm a UX Designer who enjoys visual and interaction design. I’m currently a junior studying User Experience Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

A little bit about me

I was always the artistic, goofy and slightly wierd kid who enjoyed observing the small things around me. These observations have led me to be a skeptic, but in a good way. I’m constantly questioning things around me and trying to find better ways we can live our lives. When I discovered UX, I knew it was perfect for me as someone who strongly believes in the ability of humans to impact change in the lives of others. Soon, I learnt that the ways that I could make this positive change was through bringing empathy and passion into my work, to create memorable experiences by communicating in the form of a story and prioritizing the user.

If you’ve ever met me, you’ll be able to recognize me as the small ecstatic girl who seems to be just a tad hyper. This hyperness is just my excitement about the small things that I find hard to contain in my 5 foot tall body.

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