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Project Scope

Web Analysis

Mobile Analysis

Platform Comparision
Web Redesign


A critique and redesign of Fandango's information architecture looking at structure, organization and navigation. The site's unorganized structure does not resonate with business's easy and convenient movie going experience objectives.


Team  Me
Time   2 Weeks
Tools   Figma


Information Architecture Analysis and Redesign

The Redesign looks at removal of unnecessary information to emphasize upon immediate call to action. The decreased inconsistency in granularity complies better with the user's mental model.

Actionable Insights

Experts: A valuable resource and bridge to user's mental model.


Insclusive design that accommodates color blind users.


Priotising features + strategizing core focus to implement in "real world".

Business Mindset

Unaffordable for all users. Keeping in mind cost-cuts; 
start expensive, scale down.

My Takeaways

FireShield was my first all-online project. This project was created during the first few months of the pandemic with a lot of unknowns making the experience very distinctive. Collaborating asynchronously with a team across two different time zones was a learning curve. As a result this project helped me look at research, communication and the design process from a different lens.

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