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Industrial Design


Mid Century Modern Portable Speakers. Created using Birch Plywood, Red Oak Veneer and Red Cedar, the enclosure houses a full range driver to deliver the ultimate sound.


Summer 2020


Summer 2020

UX Challenges


A conversational application that aids fostering dialogue between parents and their children to help them better understand the concept of death.
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Who's in the Sheets?

Game-based learning to promote conversations and increase access to quality sex education, bringing about destigmatization of the taboos put on the matter.
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Graphic Design

Angkor Wat

Typography Poster, Calendar and Book Jackets that embody the personality of Angkor Wat.
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Web Interface


A single page web-design. Lifestyle TV channel for kids aged 11 to 15. 

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The Next Level

Branding for "The Next Level" Medium series.
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Typographic Poster, Calendar, Book Jackets

Freelance, Branding

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