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This summer of 2021, I had the amazing chance to join Mailchimp as a Product Design Intern in the Monetization Domain. I had talented designers and fantastic mentors guide me along the way, and in such a short amount of time, they helped me grow as a designer and person in ways I couldn’t even imagine. Working with this team has heavily impacted my workflow and my view of UX Design. In my time here, I worked on auditing the upsell moments across the web-app to find opportunities to increase conversion rates, and ideated compelling visual solutions in order to do so.


I'm excited to be returning for another internship this Fall (Sept 2021 - Nov 2021) and creating alongside some insanely talented designers. What I worked on is private, but feel free to reach out to me in person and we can talk further about my role this past summer!

Time Frame

Jun 2021 - Aug 2021
11 weeks


Atlanta, GA

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